Our Story

Growing up in an environment where hockey is everywhere, hockey has been a part of me for my whole life since I was born. With a father who played in the NHL and a brother who is almost there, hockey is more than a passion for the Poulin family, it is a lifestyle.
After my 4 years journey in the QMJHL, I decided to mix hockey and school and to play for McGill University while studying to get my business degree in finance.

This is where I realized that my love for business was as big as my love for hockey. With the connexions and contacts that I have built during my hockey career, I saw an opportunity to connect my two passions.

Hockey is a very expensive sport and having the best quality equipment is an asset that not everybody can afford. Reference Hockey has been created to offer the possibility to every hockey players to be able to perform at the best of their capabilities while paying a fraction of the price in stores. With our multiples suppliers coming from different professional and junior leagues across North America, buying professional gear has never been so easy.

I hope that you will find what you need so you can enjoy the best sport on earth without emptying your wallet because at the end of the day, this is what Reference Hockey is all about.

Nicolas Poulin
Founder of Reference Hockey Inc.


Our Mission

We know that hockey is an expensive sport and paying full price for high end gear isn’t something that you should do. This is why we are constantly trying to offer you top of the line professional sticks and gear at a fraction of what you would normally pay in store.

Our mission is to make sure you worry about playing, not about spending.